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What's My Stuff?
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My Stuff is a default collection on your profile page where apps that you have bookmarked are kept.



You can use My Stuff to:

  • Put apps you use often in a place where they can be quickly accessed from your profile page.
  • Keep track of apps that you plan on moving into another one of your collections at a later time.


Saving apps to My Stuff is easy!



Look for the bookmark icon to the right of an app’s title. Click it and the bookmark will change from white to green. When you see the green bookmark, it means that the app has been added to your My Stuff collection.



By default, My Stuff will be set to private. However, you can switch it to public view by toggling the lock icon.


Removing an app from My Stuff

If you want to remove an app from My Stuff, just open the My Stuff collection and then click the green bookmark.  Once you click it, the bookmark will turn white and the app will be removed from the collection.



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