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Install Loops
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Oh no! Is your project in an endless cycle of installing packages?  This can happen if the project is confused about what method of installation should be used.


Here's how to fix this:


  • Check the version of Node that your project is using.
  • If your project uses Node 14 or Node 16, it will need to use npm to install modules.  You can make sure that your Node 14 or 16 project is using npm by opening the project terminal and running the following command:
  • If your project uses an older version of Node, for example Node 12 or 10, it will use pnpm to install modules, unless you have specifically used npm in the past.  You can make sure that your project is using pnpm by opening the project terminal and running the following command:


...and now some notes about disk space:


  • We acknowledge that in the past, the solution to most install issues on Glitch was to run the command, enable-pnpm
  • The reason was that using this method resulted in a faster and more efficient installation of packages. 
  • With newer and more regular updates, we can only offer Node 14 and 16 when using npm.
  • Rest assured that neither pnpm's nor npm's node_modules folders count against your disk usage limit!  Glitch projects have a 1GB limit for node modules.
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