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Importing Code From Your Computer
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Here’s how to import code directly to your Glitch project without using GitHub:


  1. Compress the files:

  • On your machine, select the files that you want to import and send them to a compressed folder.



  1. Import the compressed folder:

  • In the project editor, click on Assets in the file view.

  • Drag or upload the compressed folder into Assets.

  • In Assets, click on the compressed folder that you just uploaded and copy the URL.



  1. Download the files:

  • At the bottom of the project editor, click Terminal to open the project console.

  • In the terminal, run the following command to download the compressed folder into the app:
    wget [url of the asset] 

  • Then, run the following command to uncompress the folder:
    unzip [name of the downloaded asset]

  • Finally, run refresh to see the new files in the project editor file view.




  1. Compare the files:

  • Sometimes your operating system will add unnecessary config files that were not part of the original code that you imported.

  • If you notice any files like this, you can delete them.

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