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How do I best present my project on Glitch?
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Start With a Great Readme
The contents of your project’s file is what gets shown on Think of it as being like an App Store description, rather than a typical readme on GitHub or elsewhere. This is your spot to get people interested in your project, so it should really sell it. Cover what the project does, why it’s useful and what users will need to do to get their own version of the project working (adding in API keys etc.). But keep it short — around 100 words total.


Take the Detail to
If the setup instructions are more than a few lines, then add a file to your project and use that to go into the detail. Be prescriptive and try not to make too many assumptions. We want projects to be accessible to a wide audience with differing skill levels. So avoid jargon and acronyms whenever possible.


Don’t Forget the Metadata
Set your project avatar — it’s a 200x200 file, but they’re often shown at 33x33 and 18x18 on the site and in the app, so they should display well when small. Also set your project description and a relevant project title, which also functions as your project’s URL.


Add a License
By adding a license to your project people know where they stand — what they can and can’t do with it. We’ve put together some advice if you get stuck, but it doesn’t need to be an arduous thing. In fact, we’ve made the ability to add a license (and a Code of Conduct) to your project a one-click thing in Glitch.


Comment Your Code
In-line code explanations are super helpful, so if you have time, then please add them. Also, be sure to remove any extraneous dependencies and unused code.


Embed a Glitch button
We’ve made a Glitch button to make it super easy for folks to see who contributed to the project, and move between your app and its code. So, if it’s appropriate to the design of your app feel free to include that too.


Add a “Remix on Glitch” Button
Putting a “Remix on Glitch” button on your project’s page makes it super simple for others to get started using Glitch! Click the “Share” button and then click “Share Buttons” at the bottom of the menu. There, you’ll find code which can be added anywhere; like including it in your docs.

Occasionally, we feature projects on the Glitch Blog. In order to be featured, there are a few requirements:

  • The content of the app should be appropriate for all ages to view.
  • There shouldn't be any auto-playing audio, and audio that can't be turned off easily.
  • If there's a multi-user element, then a large number of simultaneous users shouldn't cause problems like slowness or unresponsiveness of the app.
  • If there's an input element, it must not be possible for it to be used to display offensive messages or images.
  • To embed, it also needs to be a responsive app, which displays well on both desktop and mobile.
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