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New Project Options
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We provide six project starter templates that you can use to create your app:


  1. Glitch In Bio
  2. Classic Website
  3. Node.js
  4. React Static Site Generator
  5. Eleventy Static Site Generator
  6. SQlite Database


If you know the type of project that you would like to create, click here to get started! Or keep reading to learn more about the Glitch starter project templates.


Glitch In Bio



The Glitch In Bio starter, ~glitch-in-bio is a mobile-friendly, free, fully customizable landing page to use as your “Link in bio.”  Plus, it's a generated static site which means that it's always on.


Click here learn more about creating and customizing Glitch In Bio.




Classic Website


classic website  

The Classic Website starter, ~glitch-hello-website is your template for creating a static website that includes an index.html page and static HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Just start typing and your work will be live on the internet!  Static websites enjoy unlimited uptime too!  This means that your website stays on 24/7 without using your Project Hours

An existing project will be identified by Glitch as a static site if it does not contain one of the following files:

  • package.json
  • requirements.txt
  • glitch.json







If you are looking to build a full-stack JavaScript application, choose the Node.js starter, ~glitch-hello-node.  This template includes both front-end and back-end code using the popular Express Node.js application framework.




React Static Site Generator



Our React Static Site Generator starter, ~glitch-hello-react lets you use the React JavaScript library to incorporate dynamic elements into an otherwise static website. The advantages of using a React static site generator include:

  • Having the power to create dynamic websites that are served more quickly to the end user.
  • Having the ability to easily edit and rebuild a website when you want to update it.


Click here to learn more about working with our React Static Site Generator.




Eleventy Static Site Generator



Our Eleventy (or 11ty for short) starter, ~glitch-hello-eleventy is a static site generator based on JavaScript.  Because you can use it with several template languages including Markdown, HTML and Nunjucks, it is a simple way to start creating a basic website - like a blog, while having the option to run more advanced configurations if you’re feeling fancy!


Click here to learn more about working with our Eleventy Static Site Generator.




SQlite Database



This SQlite Database starter, ~glitch-hello-sqlite includes a Node.js server script that uses a persistent SQLite database. The app also includes a front-end with two web pages that connect to the database using the server API. 



Here are some other ways to get started on Glitch...


Import a repo from GitHub


import from github



Still not sure where to start?  Check out these categories of community-built apps for inspiration:


Got more questions? Check out our Community Forum!
Open 24/7, the forum is where Glitch makers help each other and show off all the rad apps that they have created. It's the friendliest community of coders on the Web!
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