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How do I find the URL for my app?
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You can view and copy your app’s URLs by:

  1. Opening the app in the project editor.

  2. Clicking the Share button. 



There are two different views for Glitch apps and each will have their own URL:


Live Site

The live site view shows the front end of your project. You can use this link to share the final version of your app.


The URL for an app’s live site has the following format:



The project editor is where the source code for an app can be viewed and edited (editing can only be done by project members).


The URL for opening the app in the project editor has the following format:!/your-project-name


If the project is set to private, the URLs for the views described above will only work for those whom you have given permission.


You also have the option to add a custom domain that you own to your project.  Click here to learn more.

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