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How do I get help when I'm stuck?
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One of the most exciting things about programming is seeing your code actually work! On the journey to your “nice, it works!” moments, you’re going to encounter many times where things are broken, which can be extremely frustrating. This is common in programming, for coders of all levels, so try not to let it get you down – you got this!


Here are some ways you can get help when you’re stuck on Glitch.


Search and Read Our Help Center Articles

For docs on how to use Glitch, check out our help articles. You’ll find everything you need to know, from the features in the editor to even some troubleshooting tips.


Ask the Community For Help In the Forum

If the Help Center articles don’t help, you should check out our active and friendly Community Forum and ask for advice. There are many nice Glitch users there every day, helping each other with their code and showing off the rad projects they are making. Even if you don’t need help, we encourage you to join so you, too, can share your work and help others!


Contact Glitch Support

If you’re still stuck with a problem that only a Glitch Support Engineer would be able to help you with (for example, if your editor view is stuck, you need a custom domain removed, or you’re not sure why your project was suspended), you can send us a support request.


Searching Online for Code Help

If you’re stuck on your code and feel lost, being able to search online for solutions is one of the most powerful tools a coder has - even those who have been programming for many years. Try looking up the error you see, or the kind of frameworks or languages you’re writing, and you’ll find that often someone has asked and answered that same question. Keep a look out for what dates some solutions are written about - it’s typical in the fast-growing world of web development that what worked last year doesn’t work today!

Got more questions? Check out our Community Forum!
Open 24/7, the forum is where Glitch makers help each other and show off all the rad apps that they have created. It's the friendliest community of coders on the Web!
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