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Project Hours
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To make Glitch accessible for everyone, apps created on Glitch are given a monthly allowance of project hours. Below is our FAQ about how this works. Click on any of the questions to learn more!



How many Project Hours do I get?

  • Anonymous users get 120 free project hours. To get additional hours, the anonymous user will need to register an account or transfer project ownership to an existing Glitch account.
  • Registered user gets 1,000 free project hours on the first day of each month at 00:00 UTC.
  • Glitch Pro subscribers get 4,000 project hours on the first day of each month at 00:00 UTC.  These hours will be applied to un-boosted apps that are owned by the account.


When are Project Hours used?

Project hours are spent when:

  • The project is being actively edited
  • Someone accesses the live site for a Glitch project and it is not a static site.


Where can I see how many hours my projects have used this month?

Registered users can see how many project hours they have by going to their dashboard.


How do I control which of my projects can use Project Hours?

From the dashboard, you can archive your projects to prevent them from using any of your project hours.


  • Project hours do not roll over.
  • If you have any unused project hours, they will expire at the end of the month.


Are unused Project Hours transferable?

  • Unused project hours are not transferable.


What happens if I use up all of my Project Hours before the month is over?

You have a few different options here…

  • You can subscribe to Glitch Pro to get boosted apps and 4,000 project hours a month to be applied to your un-boosted projects.
  • You can wait until the next month starts. Project hours are replenished on the first day of each month.
  • You can download your project’s code and continue working on it outside of Glitch.


What do apps look like when the project owner has used all of their Project Hours before the month is over?

If someone visits your app after you have run out of project hours for the month, they will see a glitchy graphic and a message that says, “Oops! This project isn’t running”.


I thought that static sites are always on, so when do they use Project Hours?

  • Static sites only use project hours when the project editor is open.
  • Static sites do not use project hours when someone accesses the user-facing side of the site.


I have Glitch Pro. How do Project Hours apply to me?

  • The project hours limit does not apply to boosted apps.
  • If you have Glitch Pro, the monthly allowance of 4,000 project hours will be applied to any non-boosted apps that you own.
  • If your Glitch Pro subscription lapses or you decide to cancel it, all of your apps will start using project hours once the subscription is no longer active.


What happens if the project owner changes?

  • If you transfer project ownership to another project member, the number of hours the project already used while you were the project owner will show in your dashboard for the remainder of the month.
  • Any additional project hours that are used will show in the new project owner’s dashboard.


If I am a project member but not the project owner, how do I manage Project Hours?

  • Right now, only the project owner can see how many hours a project has used.
  • If you are a project member and want to manage its project hours, you will need to ask the current project owner to transfer project ownership to you.


What happens if a project member other than the project owner edits the project?

  • Project hours are used whenever the project is edited, no matter whether that’s the the owner or another member.
  • All hours used will come out of the project owner’s monthly allowance.


Is there a way for me to get more Project Hours to use each month?

If you run out of project hours before the month ends:

  • You can subscribe to Glitch Pro.  When you do this, you can choose up to five of your apps to run continuously without using project hours, and you will be given 4,000 project hours for your un-boosted apps.
  • You can wait until the next month starts. Project hours are replenished on the first day of each month.
  • You can download and continue working on it outside of Glitch.
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