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Changing Your Email
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You can view and manage which emails are linked to your Glitch account by going to your Account Settings page.


To find your Account Settings page:


  1. Look for your avatar image on the top-right corner of any page on
  2. Click the little grey down arrow that appears directly next to your avatar image to reveal your user options menu.
  3. From your user options menu, click Account Settings.




Viewing your email settings:

  • On your Account Settings page, make sure you have selected Account from the list of settings options on the left-side of the page.
  • Under the Email Addresses section, you will see your Primary email address and Other emails:
    • Primary email is where we’ll send you notifications about Glitch. You can also use this email to login to your Glitch account.
    • Other emails is the list of any other email accounts that you can use to login to your Glitch account.


To change your Primary email:

  • Click Make Primary under any email that is currently listed under Other emails.


To add an email:

  • Scroll down to the Add an email section, enter the email address and then click Add.
  • For your security, a confirmation email will be sent to your email inbox.  Be sure to follow the instructions in the email confirmation message and make sure that you are not currently logged into a different email account in another browser tab.
  • Keep in mind that an email can only be used with one Glitch account.  If you cannot add an email to your account, it means that the email is already associated with another Glitch account.



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