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What are the supported browsers for Glitch?
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We recommend that you use a supported web browser when working on Glitch. While other browsers may seem compatible, using an unsupported browser may cause some features to not work.


Here’s our list of supported browsers:

Google Chrome:

  • Versions 41 and higher

Microsoft Edge:

  • Versions 16 and higher

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Versions 60 and higher


We also support the following browsers designed for mobile devices:.


* a note about Android and the project editor:

While Android will work with many parts of Glitch, there have been reports from Android users who have seen issues when editing code via the project editor.  If you have problems when using your Android device to select, copy, paste and/or edit text, we recommend using a non-Android device when editing a Glitch project via the project editor.


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