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Asset Visibility
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To view an asset, the user must either be a member of the project that the asset is associated with, or know the exact CDN URL.


Here's more about this: 

  • When you upload an asset to your project, it is saved in the Glitch CDN.
  • Files uploaded are not accessed by the filename, but by the unique CDN URL.
    This URL has the format<token>%2F<filename> 
  • These URLs are public.  This means that anyone who knows the specific URL will be able to use it to view the asset; even if the project is set to private.
  • Deleting an asset from a project does not remove it from the Glitch CDN.
  • Archiving a project does not remove any of the project's assets from the Glitch CDN.
  • If you need any assets permanently deleted from the Glitch CDN, please contact support and provide the URLs for the assets that you want completely deleted.


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