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Preview Next to Code option not working on a private project in Safari/Webkit
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Because Glitch uses cookies to generate the Show Next to Code preview for private projects, this option is not available in Safari or other Webkit applications.


Here's why:

  • To protect user privacy, Webkit, the browser engine used primarily by Safari blocks third-party cookies. 
  • This is a good thing since third-party cookies can be used to track users and do other weird stuff that you might not be comfortable with when using the web.
  • However, it does mean that cookies employed by legitimate services like Glitch can be affected due to Webkit's current "no exceptions rule".


If you would like to continue using Safari when working on a private project, you will still be able to use the Show In New Window option to preview your work.


While you can still use the Show Next to Code option when working in other browsers, we anticipate that these other browsers will most likely enact similar rules in the future.  We support their efforts to protect user privacy and will make sure that this does not interfere with your enjoyment of Glitch!



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